Goodbye Verizon Fios Business Internet … Hello Comcast Business Class Internet

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My house will now be a hybrid of Internet/TV services.  I have decided to dump FiOS Business Internet Service and replace it with Comcast Business Internet.  Although my throughput speeds will drop I will still save $40/month on Internet service.  Currently my Verizon plan provides me with 15Mbps(down)/5Mbps(up) whereas the new Comcast Business Starter package will provide me with 12Mbps(down)/2Mbps(up).  Of course with my experiences over the year with Comcast this bandwidth figure could be under estimated and I may end up seeing slighter higher speeds.  Both services provided me with 5 static IP addresses which I need for some Vazoom services for a total of $20.  Comcast will actually provide 13 addresses if needed for an additional charge.  My estimated savings per month are $40 which in 6 to 7 months will eat away the cancellation fee I will be hit with by Verizon. I have decided to keep FioS TV Residential services for the moment but will keep an eye out on savings. Verizon .. if you want me back please stop sending mailers to my house asking me to bundle all of your services.  Beat my service charges now and maybe I will come back.  $Chah-Ching$


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