You Had Me At Glue Stick

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Here was a kinda amusing find.  While at Walmart buying Halloween candy (The Rhian Way a.k.a. Last Minute) with a friend I happened to notice a pack of Duracell batteries bundled with a FREE glue stick hanging from the impulse buy section of the checkout counter.  So exactly how do gluesticks and batteries find their way into the same packaging?  Anybody? Anybody? Very odd to say the least. I thought it was funny and I’m a nerd so…. :-)

I snapped a photo.  

It’s 5:30AM EDT – Go Out And Watch The Lunar Eclipse

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I was up around 4:51AM EDT when the eclipse began this morning and I am somehow actually able to write a post this early in the a.m. too.  The moon is currently being swallowed up inside Earth’s umbra at this very moment.  I am so excited I just can’t hide it.  You know… I think I like it.  Well should be just a little while longer before the Earth’s shadow cast itself fully on the moon.

Man am I going to be tired today especially since I have to work late.

**Update** It’s 5:52AM and I have no sight of Mr. Moon as it has gone below the horizon.  :-(
I guess I could always watch the live stream from the University of North Dakota here
Additionally, the sun is starting to come up from the East. 

Well time to get ready for work as I am getting picked up in about 1 hour.

Read more about a lunar eclipse here