Back and On the Attack!

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Back into the swing of things from the vacation to Puerto Rico which was awesome and there are many little projects around the house.  Hopefully I will be posting some pictures of the following projects which have been completed or are in the process of being completed of course thanks in part to this girl named Vanessa!

a) Removed old plants and installed wall and new plants along both the side and front of the house

b) Had all trees and foliage removed from the backyard

c) Constructing  new stone veneer ledges along the entry to my house

d) Negotiated with backyard neighbor to schedule the replacement of the rotted fence

Nerd #1

Nerd #2

El Morro Fort in Puerto Rico. Was blazing hot!

Puerto Rico Vacation

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Haven’t posted much for a while because I have been busy with lots of little things.  A few more days and I will be on a much needed vaca to the tiny island of Puerto Rico with Vanessa.  Oh yeah can’t wait!

Some Items on To-Do List:

Drink From Coconut
Sit on Beach and stare at crystal clear water
Eat at a place or two from Man vs. Food TV Show
Pretend I know how to speak Spanish

Visit  El Yunque Rain Forest
Visit El Morro Fort in Old San Juan
Kayak at night the Bio-luminescent Bay
Take Catamaran Tour

Day Up In New Hope, PA

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A nice day in New Hope.  And yes, I decided to be part of the xmas caroling team.  What great singers they are…

Off To Mechanicsville, Virginia I Must Go…

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Today I am on the road heading to Mechanicsville, Virginia for work until tomorrow.  Need to install some new equipment in our office that is down there.  With traffic I am looking at about a 5 + hour drive by myself…about 246 miles. boo :(

I rented a car for the trip because I don’t want to put more mileage on my truck and just don’t have a lot of room in the car.