Good Start to the Morning

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As I was driving into work this morning on this wonderfully rainy Thursday, I came to a lineup of cars sitting at a red light on a pretty steep road called Old Eagle School Road.  As I peered in my rear view mirror I was delighted with a view of a car apparently hydroplaning right toward the rear of my truck.  I saw the car coming for a good 10 seconds and immediately chose to press hard down on my truck’s brake in an attempt to avoid such a collision pushing my truck into the rear of one of the cars in front of me. 

If you have read my previous posts you might know that I just recently had to have my rear bumper replaced.  As you can imagine one of my first thoughts was … not the damn bumper again when I stepped out of the truck after pulling to the side of the roadway.

Fortunately, it appears the bumper got out lucky and came away with only small scrapes on the black middle section.  That’s about a $20-$30 part.  The other guy’s car was a 2003 Toyota Matrix.  It had pretty extensive damage to the bumper, hood, and driver’s side door which couldn’t even open.  I waited for the police to come and file a report for me on the incident.  Keep in mind!  If it’s raining and your going fast down a steep hill that has leaves on it…. you may want to slow the F*** down!

To Answer My Previous Post. Yes The Phillies Won The 2008 World Series!

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With a win of 4-3 over the Tampa Bay Rays.  Even well after midnight horns are honking and crowds of people throughout the city continue to celebrate.  There will be a parade on Friday (Halloween) beginning at noon.  It will start on Market Street and then head down Broad Street toward the stadium complex.

Update On House Front

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Wow.  Been a while since I’ve posted anything additional on the house front.  Well, things are still set and closing has officially been chosen as November 7th at 11am.  I happened to drive by the house yesterday and it was kind of a eye opening realization when I saw the word SOLD! on the realtor sign posting on the front yard. 

More to come…. gotta run

I Bought a House. No I am not Kidding

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Several posts back I wrote about the fact that I was thinking about the idea of moving out.  Well, I have officially purchased a house.  Yes, you read that right.  Right in Springfield, PA (Delaware County) to be more precise.  I must have an inspection done this Friday a.m.


I am quite nervous and overwhelmed with everything at the moment.  I cannot even believe I have decided to do this.  Settlement date is currently set at November 7, 2008.  It’s a Colonial type house with stone and siding.  There are 3 bedrooms, a kitchen (not eat in), dining room, living room, and a mud room, plus basement (unfinished).  There is also a pretty nice fenced backyard.  It’s a corner house.

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Network Solutions Sued For Holding Domain Names – Tisk Tisk Network Solutions

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I had read about this Network Solutions practice about a month ago and figured it was only a matter of time before somebody would file suit in court against the recent practice of holding domain names for a temporary period after they are searched for on their website.The lawsuit against Network Solutions was filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles by Chris McElroy, a Florida man who checked for “” at Network Solutions without buying it, then learned it was unavailable elsewhere. The lawsuit, asks for this practice to be halted.

Here’s a very quick blurb on what’s going on for those interested….Lets say you decide that you would like to register a domain name (example: must go to a Internet registrar’s website.There are many out there including GoDaddy, Network Solutions,,,, etc..)

In this scenario you load the website and type the domain you are interested in directly into their website search and are told that the domain is available for purchase.  At this point Network Solutions has just put the domain on hold thereby preventing any other registrar from getting the domain.  Even if you decide to back down on your decision to purchase the domain, the web address stays available for purchase, but only through Network Solutions.  Sounds like a good thing for you right? Now, nobody else in the world can get it ahead of you!  Well not so fast.  What if the price Network Solutions posts for the domain is more than you’d like to pay, and you find that GoDaddy allows you to purchase it for a quarter of the cost?  The short answer to this is that your out of luck for a period of time, which in Network Solutions policy can be up to 4 days!!Yes! You read correctly.  For the next four days you will have no option to purchase the domain from anybody other than Network Solutions. 

The policy does state you can call them to ‘release’ the domain, but I am sure that’s not an immediate process either.  Most likely, the sales pitch will be on to get you to bring the domain to fruition through them. Network Solutions tends to be one of the most expensive registrars in business today, possibly another unpublished part of the policy aimed at keeping anxious website owners coming to them. The written policy states that Network Solutions claims they are using this protection method to prevent people from gaining insider information to snatch desired domain names before an individual or business can register them. From my own perspective I do tend to side with those involved in the lawsuit, as I feel the real benefit goes to Network Solutions and the chances that a domain gets purchased through them during that length 4 day period.  

In the very first two paragraph of their own policy it reads : In response to customer concerns about domain names being registered by someone else just after they have conducted a domain name search, Network Solutions is implementing a new security measure to protect our customers. Network Solutions may reserve domain names that are searched on our Web site for up to 4 days. During this period, these domain names will only be available to register at they are basically doing the same thing their policy was intended to prevent. 

Below is a screen shot from the Network Solutions Policy posted on their website as of February 27, 2008 Network Solutions Domain Hold Policy Screen Capture

The HD DVD Vs. Blue Ray Format War Is Over – HD DVD Is Dead

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**Update** TOKYO – Toshiba confirmed on Tuesday (2/19/2008)  it will no longer develop, make or market HD DVD players and recorders, handing a victory to rival Blu-ray disc technology in the format battle for next-generation video. (Summary- Don’t buy anything marked HD DVD!  It’s going to be worthless)

The latest news to come out of the weekend shows that Toshiba appears to be dropping its fight to make HD DVD the new standard in high definition movie replacements for the standard DVD.  Sony’s Blue Ray technology is the new champion with major retailers and online movie rental companies (Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Blockbuster, Inc., Netflix) all dropping the HD DVD players and movie discs from their store shelves. 

A big sorry goes out to all those who purchased an HD DVD player as it will soon collect dust in the seas of technology’s past.  If you were one of those who purchased a dual format player your still in luck as the Blue Ray discs will continue to work just fine.

HD-DVD Has Lost - Blue Ray Has Won