GoDaddy Completely Down

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UPDATE 9/11/2012 5:02PM EST

AnonymousOwn3r has now tweeted and leaked online via what he/she claims are GoDaddy database/source code information in an attempt to prove their services were breached and not the result of an internal router issue

EDIT 9/11/2012

GoDaddy now states that corrupt router tables were the cause of the outage and not a result of any hack.  Time will tell if this is true as I’m sure those responsible will try again.

As of 2:36pm EST Godaddy and what appears to be most of it’s Internet lying infrastructure especially DNS Resolving system. Email or Web requests to domains registered with Godaddy are bouncing back as non existent/unavailable.  Early word is a rougue member of ANONYMOUS is behind the complete take down of millions of websites

My Name Landed in a Delco Times Article

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My name landed in the paper for the first time in a while since I was a kid throwing snowballs at my brother. A story relating to a major widespread outage of Comcast TV/Internet services throughout Delaware County had contributions by me.  I was contacted by a reporter regarding the outage and how it impacted the services of the email/web related services with regards to Vazoom (
Comcast you still rock!


First Post of 2012

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Hey everyone! I realize have been neglecting the site however I am in the process of posting a bunch of items related to projects on the house. I actually just updated the About section a bit. Any section that I touch will come up in the Recently Updated section shown on the homepage of the site. There have been many projects since my last postings where a new paver walkway was installed.
Some of the projects include:

  • New Decorative Border Along Front Walkway Front Yard Areas
  • Planting New Bushes and Shrubs
  • Laying Concrete Foundation for new Stone Veneer Decorative Columns at Entrance
  • Installation of New Fence in Backround and Removal of Stumps
  • Earthquake 8/23/2011. Cell Phones Down

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    An earthquake which just occurred outside of Richmond, VA is being told to be a magnitude 5.9 5.8.  I was sitting in a lunch room with a couple of coworkers here in King of Prussia, PA when all of a sudden the floor started shaking.  My initial thought was that a large truck had driven on by.

    Cell phone service is currently down at least with my carrier T-Mobile.  A few minutes ago I completely received no bars and my phone now states that it is January 5, 1980 at 7:24 PM.  See picture below!

    No Service and Wrong Time After Earthquake 8-23-2011

    I had a co-worker take a picture of my phone.  That’s kind of funny.  If aliens are invading the planet your cell phone will do no good. Run!!

    Back and On the Attack!

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    Back into the swing of things from the vacation to Puerto Rico which was awesome and there are many little projects around the house.  Hopefully I will be posting some pictures of the following projects which have been completed or are in the process of being completed of course thanks in part to this girl named Vanessa!

    a) Removed old plants and installed wall and new plants along both the side and front of the house

    b) Had all trees and foliage removed from the backyard

    c) Constructing  new stone veneer ledges along the entry to my house

    d) Negotiated with backyard neighbor to schedule the replacement of the rotted fence

    Nerd #1

    Nerd #2

    El Morro Fort in Puerto Rico. Was blazing hot!

    Vazoom Is Officially Trademarked

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    Yesterday I received the official document from the United States Patent and Trademark office verifying that Vazoom is now officially trademarked. Registration #3943570 It took a while (Application originally submitted July 2010) but it complete. I have placed the little ® symbol next to it signifying this.