Vazoom Closer to Becoming a Registered Trademark

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With the official release of the January 25, 2011 U.S. Patent Office Gazette the request for trademark of Vazoom goes up for opposition. It’s been interesting to see the process by which new trademarks are filed for and granted.  It’s also quite a shock to see how many trademarks are applied for and modified.  The entire process is for the most part public knowledge too.

Any party who believes it will be damaged by the registration of the mark may file a notice of opposition (or extension of time therefor) with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.  If no party files an opposition or extension request within thirty (30) days after the publication date, then within twelve (12) weeks of the publication date a certificate of registration should issue.  Below is the official mark and description.  A direct link to the full gazette can be found at

Vazoom Mark in U.S. Patent Office January 25, 2011 Gazette #1

Vazoom Mark in U.S. Patent Office January 25, 2011 Gazette #2

The First Post of the New Year .. Happenings and Tech Stuff

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 In what I am sure will turn out as the first post of many for the year 2011 I figured it would be good to say hi to the Interweb for a change.  Things have been kinda slow for the most part.  There are a number of projects I anticipate working on at the house and many surprises which I’m sure will crop up.  A couple of those will involve replacing the front door and also trying to landscape the front corner of the property.  With winter comes crappy outdoor conditions for any of these projects so the springtime cannot come soon enough.  The new truck is running great and it’s actually going to need its first oil change pretty soon.  Replacing the exhaust system with a new one by Magnaflow will be one of the first mods.  I am hoping to head to Puerto Rico this spring or summer with Vanessa.  It’s her hometown after all.  Having my own kick-arse tour guide will be supa-sweet.  High five.  Cats are good and are fatter than ever which is a good thing although I get woken up like clock work every morning by Hope who gets cranky and needs food.  Vazoom is rolling along pretty well and I am hoping to receive my official trademark registration from the U.S. Patent Office in the upcoming month or two.

On an unrelated note I should mention about a cool tech product I recently purchased in order for one of my desktop computers on the 2nd floor of the house to obtain access to my Internet connection.  While wireless was indeed an option I chose instead to go with an Ethernet over Power product from Netgear.  These items have been on the market for a while however many people aren’t quite aware this technology exists.  I chose to go this route because I’m a super try everything nerd.  The concept is quite simple – why not utilize your existing in house electrical lines / outlets as a way to connect computers together or to your home router?   Just plug in the first  adaptor into an outlet around  where the computer resides you are hoping to get on the Internet.  Plug an Ethernet cable from the unit to the computer.  Take the second unit and plug it into an outlet around the location of your home router/modem running an Ethernet cable from the new adaptor to an open port on the back of the router.  If your router or modem has no additional ports you will require the use of a small switch.  Depending on the distance and quality of the cable you should be able to achieve excellent results with speeds above 80Mbps.  Although my tests found that both Netgear adaptors could be placed into a surge protector and communicate, more stable results were obtained when the units were plugged directly into the wall outlets.   The units I purchased were the Netgear Powerline AV 200 ones pictured below.  **Make sure you purchase a kit..You need two physical boxes**.  I found a great deal for re-certified units on NewEgg for about $30 / piece.

Installing New Door For Friend…Check

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If you know me then you may also know that I enjoy doing projects and I don’t mind helping other out either.  One project I have never tackeled before is replacing a front door.  Well not anymore.  This time I took the show on the road to NE Philly and my coworker Rob’s house.  After 12 hours the door is finally with minimal work left to be done. A new screen door will also have to be put in but that is a lot simpler than the big main door.  It was humid and in the upper 80s but by 11:15pm the front door stood in all it’s glory leaving me sweaty, tired, and a little sore but otherwise the both of us were pleased with the outcome.  One of the hardest parts was just widening the existing opening for the new doorway with obstacles like stone and big blocks of existing framing wood in the way.  The tool of choice for most of it was reciprocating saw and hammer/chisel. We also had to mix up cement to fill in a couple of voids left from a pre-existing threshold that was sawed and chopped out.  I think at some point I may re-do my front door but I will definitely leave a full 2 days to finish it. Eh… maybe 3.

My nieces – Chloe (left) and Lexi (right)

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Just figured I would post this pic… from Uncle wacky Rhi Rhi :-)
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Happy Easter

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happy Easter …

I Love You Hope

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Here is a image of Hope :-( :-(   my sick kitty-kat and one of my best little pals.

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